Pack your backpack
It is Tuesday today
The others are already on their way

Get on your bike
Bring some beer
It's gonna be a long night
Fredl Fesl is here

It's Tuesday today
And all we need is a sofa, Eddie Murphy and beer
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
What a beautiful day
Great people, great music, great sofa, great beer
Tuesday is here

Get your balloon
Ready, steady and fly
Game on
My throat is dry

The wine is glowing
You can add a spice of your choice
But first you have to roll the dice

It's Tuesday today
Get your guitar and your mic out
I got an idea
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Let's write new music today
A few words, a few chords
Some new words, some new chords
And beer
A new song is here

And we forget about all our sorrows
As long as the wine glows

And even if it's dark and grey
Or Saturday
We can say
It's Tuesday Anyway